How to get a container home

It would be dishonest to take orders, and sign contracts so soon. We will start doing that after first units are completed and delivered to the harbour to ship to Auckland/Whangarei.

One of the Owners of ltd (myself) is going to come and live in one of our products in 2019 with additional 20ft Unit as a room for children, for 3-4 years.

So far there is a friendly company, that will own one of the Prototypes, and will be able to take downpayments. A well established company with great longtime reputation in NZ will be an intermediary between Polish company producing Container Homes.

There will be no risk that you will make a downpayment and later have to worry about your money on the other side of earth.

The container will be shipped to your location from Europe but all the payment will be done in New Zealand, Whangarei.  The contact person in NZ is a company owner and personaly friend of mine.


Contact Person  :

  • Name: Cameron Smith
  • Mobile: +64 (0) 21 541 500
  • Email:


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