Mitsubishi top of the line Aircondition and Ventilation with heat exchanger

MSZ-EF18VE3W-E1 indoor unit for bathroom MSZ-EF22VE3W-E1 indoor unit for living room, potential to move to second container attached side by side, MXZ-2D33VA-E3 outside unit, with potential to heat up the place and cool it down on north island, no need for anything else , LGH-15RVX-E LOSSNAY HEAT EXCHANGER will vent old air out from kitchen and bathroom to keep away moisture, and will recover temperature from outgoing air and worm or cool down incoming air to bedroom and living room. I will be able to sleap like a baby with closed windows at night. The costs of cooling will be much lower with heat recovery on ventilation. Plus , when off grid, my ventilation system will make sure in the containerhome the temperature is as close to the outside as possible if there is not enough power to start air/con . All goind slower, than anticipated becatuse of search for reliabvle subcontractors that will be able to replicate the jub for your future home as well. In the comments you can write how much would it cost to equip your home in your country with Mitsubishi top of the line equipment + labour to instal it.

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