Floor, Poliuretain boards 50mm on the floor, Next week bathroom, 23rd July Kitchen install

The next 3 days we will complete floor, Poliuretain boards, 0.022W/m.K , 50mm thick are durable enough to stand on it on both feet, but if you knee down , it will dent. That is why we immiedietly put floor on it. There is no need for more layers.
Attached all parameters of heaing mats … in polish language 🙂, but a proffesional will decode it. I will probably have container full of them (light, no risk of damage) for big steel shed that is being built in Whangarei.

The first time I build it, I have to be there to have everything build to my spec. Solve problems the way I want them solved. No shortcuts, It would be easier to put floor heating faster, but we spend time making exactly as much space as needed. With Maciek being so precise, your order can be completed while I am 20.000km away, and Maciek will build it with same attention to details 🙂 I was very lucky to find this guy.

PS. Airconditioning makes work much easier, its 28 degrees in Poland now, and containers hold cool temperature for long … good insulation

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