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30x 310W Solarpanels are on the way to Auckland, ETA middle of January.

To be honest Soluxtec all production capacity is  sold in Germany, Poland, and Europe, without problem, but after I spoke with a.zyber@soluxtec.de, head of East Europe sales, we decided that we can work together to introduce the product in New Zealand. Soluxtec does not need to expand to New Zealand, but theywould like to try, test, offer their product here as well, and they trust me to be proffesional about it. It’s a prestige thing, extra effort, but it will be worth it to have happy customers and Brand Recognition on the other side of globe.

Currently there is no pricing, I will figure that out, after all transport and customs expences are added up, but let me know how much do you believe they are worth inc. gst, enowak@erasmus.com.pl

I am working with Soluxtec to agree on Guarantee issues. If I am to resell this panels on this market,  I don’t want customers to be forced to send their faulty panels to be checked out 20.000km, and 2 months time. I want it to be assessed by independent expert localy in NZ, recorded on video , and replaced or refunded. I have to agree on the terms. I understand that the Quality is far superior to Chinese, where in one gigafactory multiple producers use the same glue, the same modules, and than sell it with different brand name, but we need to come to an understanding in writing just in case.

I am confident that I will be able to look my customers in the eye 10 years, 20 years from now, and the glue will hold, and the panels will perform as designed.

Just ask yourself, what would you rather buy to drive for the next 10 years, a chinese car or a german car ?

recomendations: a.zyber@soluxtec.de

Stay Tuned.