I realise it’s early, and prototypes are not ready, but you can contact us now. We are looking for customers  in Florida, South Island NZ, to buy our containerhomes with huge discount, as long as they agree to show them to future customers.

According to plan 2 prototypes will be in July 2018 on the way to Whangarei , New Zealand.

After I build a container home for myself and Cameron, it would be a waste, to throw away all the knowhow,  and it’s better to start company to build similar projects for customers in NZ and make my living of it. I can do it better, and cheaper in Poland than in NZ, and meet the demand of your market for tiny living.

We can build them cheaper and better in Poland because of lower labour cost in 38 million people country in the middle of common european market, where all we need for build is available or produced 100 km away from Warsaw, and not imported by ships like in small NZ market.  Shipping to NZ or USA  will be easiest possible  since it a shipping container   designed to be build and shipped by sea.

That is why I have set up a company  that is  European owned and operated , that will build 40tf shipping containers and install inside bathroom, toilet, water, waste and electrical installation both 230 and 12 V designed as off-grid solution as well as possible to connect to local media such as water or electricity from the grid. We will have couple of prototypes with different layout in April 2018, and two of them will be in NZ Whangarei to see, and probably one in Florida.

The containers will be built in Poland, in European Union, and the quality is the main thing that will differ our product from competitive projects from China.
Our goal is to fit a 5***** hotel room with all installations in a one way  shipping container.

One of prototypes will have a side wall that closes and covers 5 meter wide glass HS door. After closing the steel wall  and the side of the container, it will look as a storage shipping container . (one of prototypes has only 1 big window, and second has more openings)

First containers are scheduled for the beginning of  July 2018, the idea behind this project is to create affordable and portable houses for people in NZ, and durable solution in Florida and other weather sensitive locations.w