You will sign contract with NZ based company, and to NZ bank account. Than Cameron will sign contract with Me, I will build your containerhome and ship it to NZ, where you will pick it up from Aucland Harbor with Camer, and you will be invoiced By him.

If we dont deliver your containerhome in time, contract will give you the right to take demo Unit within 3 days *As long as we have them available. Only 2 first customers will get this guarantee.

There will be no risk of loosing money that you will make a downpayment and later have to worry about your money on the other side of earth. You can claim it back from NZ based business and person.

The container will be shipped to your location from Europe but all the payment will be done in New Zealand, Whangarei.  The contact person in NZ is a company owner and personaly friend of mine.

Contact Person  :

  • Name: Cameron Smith
  • Mobile: +64 (0) 21 541 500
  • Email: