Made in Germany 310W mono Solar Panels – SOLUXTEC


How did I become the only authorised reseller and Importer of SOLUXTEC solar panels in NZ?

I was searching for Solar panels in New Zeland and for my container home, to put 10 panels on the roof on my containerhomes, and to be able to run AC and ventilation free.

I was going to buy one of the Tier 1 manufacturers, and then I saw this:

To cut the story short, Tier 1 are not highest Quality panels, this are just the most financialy stable Chinese manufacturers that give you slightest chance of actualy being on the market 10 years from now to honor your Guarantee.

Tier 1 also go bankrupt, company goes down, new company buys the assets , they can promise 50 year Guarantee and support that mean shit when they fall.

The risk goes up as China is limiting growth of  Solar capacity by half in 2019. There will be penty of bargins on the market, But I wouldnt like to be th eone selling it to my customers. The risk of getting stuck with customer claims and no support from supplier is too big.

I have delt with Chinese factories and import long enough to know thta if you are small one time deal customer, they will blow you off no matter what promises they make,


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