Why trust us:

  • Its an alliance of a NZ company present on NZ market for over a decade, and polish company we will build your home in  5 months *depending on compexity and extras
  • You pay Downpayments to a NZ based company, No risk that anyone will steal your money.
  • If we don’t deliver your containerhome in time, you can take our demo unit (first customer only)

The product is :

  • one way 40tf shipping container (one way, almost new, that didnt transport any dangerous materials, intended to be sold as a “one-way”
  • Air Ventilation Mitsubishi LOSSNAY LGH-RVX-E Series , heat recovery ventilation, with succion in kitchen and bathroom, and intake in bedroom and livingroom, for your comfort. 10mm Pipes in the celling, controlled by Smarthome OpenHAB, configurable,. In winter revovers heat from outgoing air, and keeps warm, and in summer recovers cool temperature from outgoing air . Revovery up to 80%
  • Closed cell poliuretain foam insulation
  • steel frames inside for drywal walls, painted
  • 50mm poliuretain floor boards with heated floor mats on it .
  • Mitsubishi top of the line Aircondition 2 units inside in Bedroom and living area, MSZ-EF Series – 2.5 kW – 5.0 kW Split System Air Conditioning
  • Potential 2m wide steel frames endtry to 2nd unit, in case you would have secondaty unit without batroom and kitchen alongside (2x40ft container home)
  • Bathroom with Swiss made , Sanswiss Modul 1400 showercabin, top of the line with thermostat valves
  • Toilet with GrundFoss Macerator
  • Electrical instalation with German HAGER fuses and relays, Offgrid ready, Solar panels ready, connecting 230V or 400V, or generator. Every power socket or switch can be controlled by central Unit like smart Home  FIBARO, OpenHAB, or any else.
  • 5m wide and 2,4 Meter tall, MB77HS sliding door, double glazed, as your daily entry, plus more Aluminium windows extra.
  • Extra is Ikea Kitchen, go to ikea Kitchen Planned tell us what you would like and we will send out Unit with Kitchen in place.
  • Legrand power sockets Highers quality.

As you see above its not cheap Chinese shit.

The price is 50.000USD *on 08.2018 its 76.000NZD

  The kitchen will generate extra costs.

We have capacity to produce 3 containers at a time. The cost of a container with insulation, drywall, door, air condition, ventilation, 230V (or 110V) and 12V electrical installation, water, bathroom, toilet, shower, windows and doors will be around 50.000USD. Probably the cost will go up every 2000USD with every order that is pending in the same time.

If we are in the production process of 2 containers, the 3rd that we have to produce will cost 52.000 USD.

If we need to bulid 4th in the same time, the cost will go up to 54.000 USD (extra people need to be hired).